Saturday, November 19, 2011

New blog to follow

Hello everyone! You  have no idea how much I appreciate your following me on this blog, but I need to let you know that I have a new blog, which is getting much more of my attention than this one has, and I would absolutely LOVE to have you all come and follow me there!! It is....
I really hope that you will come on over there and follow me! Comment on the posts and just let me know you are there. Participate in any of the activities I have going on at any time. In otherwords....
WELCOME!!!  And, thank you!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Well folks, at the end of this month, July 31, 2011, if I have not sold an additional $320 in Stampin' Up! items, I will no longer be a demonstrator. I have tried several ways of finding customers but I have had very little luck to this point. If there is anyone out there who wants to place an order, please go to my website,, and place an order. I'm not asking anyone to place a $320 order, unless that is what you want to do, but every little bit helps! I truly don't want to quit SU, but it is beginning to look like maybe that is not the path God has intended for me. I have committed myself to following the Lord and His plan for my life. If I could afford it, I would purchase the $320 and keep plugging along for another three months trying to locate customers in my area. 
It is my prayer that God leads those ready to place an order to my site if this is something He wants me to do. I have complete faith and trust in my Lord and Savior to take me through any storms I may run across in my life, if I am following in the direction He has intended for me, then something will happen so that I can continue with SU. If this is not part of what His plan is, then I will become inactive July 31. I do have a couple of customers who this will affect and I will forward their names to someone. I'm just not sure who yet.
So, if you are following my blog and actually reading it, please do what you feel is best for you. I would appreciate any help you could give. God bless all of you, and I pray that I am still a demonstrator August 1. Thank you all!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Challenge with a Twist

OK Ladies! Are you ready for some FUN??? Let's start with a challenge, and the best part of this challenge, you don't have to mail anything to anyone!!! This way you can make whatever size layout you want, use whatever embellishements you like the most, etc., because you are making yourself a page, or two!!
OK, so here is the challenge. Layout MUST involve an OUTDOOR activity that you and your family, or friends have done THIS year!! You must include at least 2 photos, if a single page layout, or 4 pics minimum if you are doing a double layout. YOU MUST BE IN AT LEAST ONE OF THE PICS!!! So often we are the photogs and never get to be in the pic!!
Colors: you must include the following colors in your layout: blue, brown, orange, yellow, red. You must use one flower (any color or size), brads (any color) and vellum. I think that is enough for my first challenge.
Once your layout is complete, upload a good, clear pic of it as well as materials used. A winner will be picked either a single grand prize winner, or a winner in each category. Please include in the title of our layout, somewhere, the words 253 challenge. That will help me find your challenges.
You will have until July 31 to complete and photograph your layout/s. Once we have all the layouts, either myself, or myself and another admin will judge  your layouts on creativity, best use of theme, best use of colors, best use of embellies. I think we will have a grand prize winner, as well as a winner in each category. What do you all think?? This will be my first challenge to host here on FLS and I don't want to overdo it! I love challenges by the way!!
Judy Hall, Stampin' Up! Associate

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Building a Business

You know, I don't care what anyone says, building a business, especially on a limited start-up capital, is very difficult. Add to that the fact that we are in such a horrible economy at this time, no one is wanting to spend money on things that are non-essential. Unfortunately for those of us in the crafting business, this business is often looked at as non-essential. But, if you truly think of it, at least in the same way that I do, my crafting is a form of therapy for me. It gives me a chance to escape from the everyday problems of life and focus on something fun and beautiful. I can forget all the turmoil going on around me for a while and focus on creating something special! If it weren't for crafting, scrapbooking, cardmaking, I know I would be in the looney bin by now!! I can go in my room, close the door, turn on my music and everyone knows to leave me alone unless there is a dire emergency!! This allows me to relax to the point that my creative juices start flowing and before I know it, I have pumped out several scrapbook pages, or cards, or both! I am very thankful to have the resources available to me that I do, to give me the encouragement I need along the way. There are so many different resources available to me that I did not previously have! I just have to be cautious in the way that I use them, so I don't OVER use them. I just thank God for providing me with these resources.

 I'm sure you have heard this same story from several others but I am going to share it with you once more if you don't mind. I have started using the LateNightStamper Bootcamp for business builders. My plan is to use this program and hopefully make my minimum this month, because if I don't sell $400 by the end of July, that's it for me as a demo!! I don't want that to happen, but when you live in a small rural town it is so hard to get your message to the right people to get orders!! I did however have a halleluiah moment yesterday when I got a bite on my DBWS. This customer was so excited to find someone close to her home, which happens to be my home town as well, and she told me that she is willing to do whatever she can to help me stay afloat! PRAISE GOD!! I was seriously about to throw in the towel, but God knew better! Thank you Lord for that encouragement, and a renewed sense of desire to make this work!!
So, if you are struggling and just can't seem to get your program to work, try the LNS Bootcamp, and prayer. I don't think you will go wrong with either one!
Happy Stamping everyone!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


I believe my absolute favorite technique would have to be inking. I just love the look when you crumple paper and then ink just the peaks (as seen in the Police Line layout). I also love to ink the edges of torn paper, chip board embellishments, and title blocks. Inking the edges helps draw the eye to that portion of the layout and makes a wonderful accent! It is also so easy to do, and I am all about anything easy!
Inking can easily be done on just about anything you want to add a little color to, or help something stand out. All you have to do is choose what you want inked, choose an ink color that contrasts with the color of the paper you are inking for a really good 'pop'! Or you also have the option of choosing a color that coordinates nicely with the paper or item to be inked, which will also help an item to stand out on your page, but in a more subtle way!
Once you have the paper and coordinating or contrasting ink pad chosen, then you just decide what you want to ink and how. Are you going to do just the edges of something for this page? Or are you going to crumple your paper and then ink it? And then you just easily slide the ink pad across the locations you want highlighted! See! I told you it was easy!
Take some scraps of paper that you have, and what scrapper does NOT have a stash of paper scraps, and practice inking! This is when you can play around with different colors, mixing and matching your ink to your paper, and see what combinations you like! There is no right or wrong to this, or any other technique, in my own humble opinion. If you like the result, then it is right!! That is all that counts is whether or not YOU are pleased with your work!
You can see several examples I have added to this post of the inking that I have told you about. I hope you like them and please, leave me a comment! (Please be nice! Constructive criticism is appreciated)
Now, go and play with your ink and papers, create a project or page, and post a picture! I would love to see your work!

PS: I also like to use my ink pads, usually the bigger ones, and ink flowers to the exact color that I need to coordinate with the rest of my layout! Sometimes you just can't find the color you want, so by inking a white flower, or even a very pale flower of some other color, you get just the color you want! Try it out!! Most importantly, have fun!
And please, share your work and ideas!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back in the Saddle!! (I'm finally Scrappin' again!!)

For several reasons, I have not been doing very much scrapbooking lately, but, thankfully that is changing now! Even though I have very limited space right now in my room, and I have to search to find something I am looking for, I am determined to get in there and be productive! I have way to many projects on my plate to be wasting time being idle!
Thankfully, I did manage to complete a few pages for one of my clients this past week, and have several others started! I also have some pages already done for my church album, and I have ideas in the works for pages for the Baby Thomas album. Then I also need to try to get time to finish my own albums and such too!
Oh, I will get them all done! It's just that normally for me, I would be in that room working every single day for several hours! Sometimes, I would spend all day and all night in there because I get on a roll and just don't want to stop! And, time gets away from me. It's funny how when you are doing something you enjoy, time seems to fly by! But, that's okay because I know I am getting back in the swing of things slowly. I have let things keep me out of there for too long now.
I am going to set myself some goals for this week, and hopefully that will give me the encouragement and motivation I need to get some things done!
My first goal is that I will complete a minimum of 6 pages per day that I am able to get in my scraproom! Doesn't sound like much I know, but if you consider that each page is typically a MINIMUM of 2 hours, you're talking about working a 12 hour day! I know some people may not understand why it takes at least 2 hours to stick some stuff to a piece of paper along with some photos! Well, the thing is, there is more to it then that. There is actually a lot of thought put into the design of each page. Once the basic design is figured out, then there is the paper selection, card stock color, any techniques I might want to use on this page, as well as any embellishments! And, of course, it never fails that somewhere along the way of actually creating the page, at least one of the ideas is going to change! So, then the products for the new idea have to be located and make sure that everything coordinates! There is a lot more to scrapbooking than a lot of people realize! But for people like me, it is all worth it!
I find my time in my scraproom relaxing, even if I am having to clean in there! Yep, that's what I can be relaxing!
Another goal I have for this week is to get my Stampin' Up! catalog marked with all the items that are retiring so that my potential customers can easily go through it and see what they might want to go ahead and buy while it is still available! There is a lot of stuff on that retiring list so this may take me a while!
Goal number 3 is also going to involve Stampin' Up! in that I want to obtain orders from at least two people this week. I have one customer that I KNOW wants to buy some things, so I have half of this battle beaten already! I just have to locate my second customer for this week! Much easier said than done with our economy the way it is right now.
My 4th and final goal for this week, as far as my scrapping goes, is to post an entry to this blog at least two more times before next Sunday. I plan to have these posts include some photos of previous layouts I have done. I can't take any pictures of my latest work because I have one camera missing, and my other digital camera is not working! So, I guess I could add camera shopping to my goals for this week, but I won't have the funds just yet so I don't think I will get in any big hurry about that!
I hope if you are following this blog that you will leave me some encouraging comments to help motivate me to reach my goals. Everyone likes to have some encouraging words sent their way from time to time, right? So, please feel free to comment away, and share this blog with any of your friends that you think might be interested in talking about scrapbooking!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bein' Lazy

I didn't realize that it had been almost 2 weeks since I posted anything!! GEEZ!
Well, I am getting to work on a couple of albums that are going to be donated to mothers of babies born with fatal birth defects. These are going to be more of a memorial album for each mother, but I still want them to be quality work with the best of products used, so I will be using primarily my Stampin' Up! products, unless something I am wanting to use is not available through SU. I know these young women will cherish these albums just because they contain photos of their precious angels. I can not even begin to imagine the pain they are dealing with on a daily basis, knowing they should be holding and rocking their infants. Instead they are going to the cemetery to visit a grave.  Just breaks my heart for these mothers! I have to thank some of my SU sisters though. Without these ladies, this album would probably not happen for several months! These ladies know who they are, and I will name them as soon as I can locate all of the packaging that their pages and other items were sent in!! You will understand better when you finish reading this post. LOL
I also have two other albums that I will be spending a good deal of time working on over the next few weeks. The first is an album for my church. This initial album is going to be all about our new Family Life Center. It is still under construction, though we have been using it fairly regularly. We only have a small amount of work left before it is completed!! And guess who has barely started on the album!! YIKES!!
The other is actually not an album. I am creating pages FOR an album for a young woman and her daughter. I started work on this album before my first granddaughter was born so I was ready to do some scrappin' of girls stuff!! With 4 grandsons, I'm sure you can understand that! Anyway, this mother has been so patient with me through my back problems, which are STILL a problem. So, I need to really get busy on her pages.
The thing is, my scraproom is a D I S A S T E R right now!! So, before I can get motivated to get in there to scrap or anything, I have to get it straightened u! That's not going to happen to the extent that I want it though until my son and his wife and son are able to move into their own place. I need that bedroom for some of the things that are currently being stored in my scraproom!! I'll get to it though......soon!!
I am going to start first thing in the morning though working on my Stampin' Up! business, and getting some orders, hopefully!! I really need this to start doing something for me!! Lord, I pray that you will bless my business to be successful, with many satisfied and frequent customers. Thank you Father for ALL of the many blessings you have given me, and I thank you for Jesus and the promise of salvation and eternal life in Heaven with you, my Holy Father! I ask this blessing in the name of Jesus', Amen!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working on Thomas' album and the church album

For the first time in a very long time, I am planning to get in my scrap room and actually work on both of these albums. I really need to work on these and get something done for a change! With all the things we have had going on in our lives over the past several months I have not had a chance to actually do any scrapping. I have, however, had a few chances to get in there and actually do some straightening up at least. Now it is time for me to get myself back into the scrapping business! I enjoy it so much and I love the relaxing feeling I get when I am creating new pages!
These two projects that I have going on, an album for our church over the building of our Family Life Center. I plan to have a lot of fun with this one, keeping the theme of this album in such a way as to honor God. I thank God for the opportunity to scrapbook and use my ideas and put them on paper and to have them turn out to look the way I had hoped. To have my pages be viewed by others and complimented is an honor that I would not have if it were not for God. I give Him all the glory, honor, and praise.
I also praise God for the opportunity to create an album for a young family who recently had to live through one of the worst possible experiences imaginable, the loss of a child. During her pregnancy this mother learned that her baby had a birth defect. He had hydrocephalus and a significant portion of his brain was either not developed or under developed.  He was not going to survive long after birth, IF he was born alive! This family was so heartbroken but rather than do what most people do in a time like that, which is they turn away from God and blame Him for their circumstances, this family turned TOWARD God. They are already a Christian family, but this brought them even closer to God.
As soon as I found out about it, I believe God laid it upon my heart to create a memorial album of Baby Thomas for this family. You see, they were not total strangers.
I had the priviledge of meeting Holly Milner when I was employed at Jasper High School as the school nurse. I found Holly and her sister Amber to be such special young ladies, it amazed me. Even then, as young teenage girls, they had such a strong faith in God, it was truly a blessing to see. They were a blessing to be around. Naturally, as soon as I found out this involved Holly, one of "my kids from the school", I knew I wanted to do something for her and her family, but I was asking myself what.
It wasn't long before the thought came to me that I wanted to create an album for them. When she shared ultrasound pictures of what appeared to be a perfect baby lying in her womb in the perfect position for a full body shot, I knew. I knew then that to create an album to honor Thomas, and preserve these precious memories for this family, was something that God wanted me to do. And when God asks you to do something, you don't just say, "um.....gee God, I don't know if I am going to have the time or if I want to give away any of my stuff on a project like this, especially when I am trying to MAKE money in my scrapbooking business." But God doesn't take no for an answer, so I decided it would be best if I just listened to Him and did the project. At the same time, I felt honored to be the person who was chosen to do this. To be the person that God chooses for such a special and very important task, words cannot express my feelings. I was humbled to say the least.
I followed Holly's blog all the way up to and through Thomas' birth, very short life, and death. I prayed that someone had taken pictures at his funeral service, which Holly and her husband Aaron decided to have more of a celebration instead. I think they had a fantastic idea and from what I have seen of the photos and heard from others who were there, it was a very touching service and a wonderful celebration of Thomas' short life, and the affect his short life had on so many people.
Through her blog, Holly was able to share God with many people without the reader realizing it! I think sometimes that is what is needed to turn someone around from a life without God, to a life WITH God. I believe Holly, and her words, stories and photos on her blog, most likely turned more people toward God than she could ever imagine. It is for that reason that I feel she is an inspiration to me. That is also why I feel so honored to be the one who gets to preserve these beautiful, and the sad, memories for her.
Now I just have to get my behind in there and get busy!! There is still much more to this story which I will share with you at a later date, perhaps tomorrow?! But for now, I have to get busy!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life in general

I am getting so aggravated at the computer way of doing things. I get something written all up, sounding very nice, and then it happens. I hit the wrong button or the wrong combination of buttons and I end up loosing all that I have just written!! VERY aggravating.
I have a couple of things I want to talk about today. First is always in most every females mind, and quite a few males as well, weight loss. I have tried diet after diet after diet, and what they say is true. You loose some weight, feel good about yourself and your accomplishment, and then slowly but surely, you gain it all back, plus a few pounds! Talk about aggravation!!!
Well my latest was something that I have seen work very well for folks. I have a couple of people in my church using this diet and doing well on it! It is the HCG diet. You have these HCG drops that you use 3 times daily and you are limited to a 500 calorie diet. I gave it a good try for 4 weeks. I was going to go straight through to 6 weeks, then take a three week break and go for another 6 weeks. You see, I want to loose a total of about 70-80 pounds. I don't want to be so thin people start to wonder about me, but I would like to be able to walk into ANY store and be able to buy myself a t-shirt or pair of jeans in a much smaller size than I presently do. And as of right now, I can't seem to find clothes at most places. I either have to special order them, or go to Goodwill and pray they have something there for me. It just seems so unfair!!
Well, during my 3.5 weeks on the HCG diet, I was loosing weight! I lost about 15*20 pounds! I was so excited! But then we had a special meal at church, and I ate. Then we had an excellent meal at home, prepared by my hubby since I can't stand long enough to actually cook! And I ate! Well, as part of the HCG diet, it tells you that if you have a weight gain, on that day you drink tons of water and all you get to eat is a large steak for supper! Sounds pretty good huh? Well, the first time wasn't too bad. I ate a large rib eye, and finished off someone elses, then I ate a couple pieces of smaller steaks my husband had grilled. BUT, that is all I ate was steak! The next morning when I got up, went to the bathroom and weighed. Sure enough, I had lost back to where I was before the gain, plus an extra 2 pounds!!! I was thinking how awesome this was!!! Well, about a week later, I had another gain, a small one, but still a gain. So, I talked to my husband, who was stopping by the store on his way home from work and told him that I needed to have a steak night since I had gained again. But I didn't. And OFF that wagon I fell, fell pretty hard too. I really tried this diet and it was going well, but only for a couple of weeks. I still have some HCG left so I could restart the diet, but I don't want to.
Now, don't get me wrong, I want to loose weight, but I can't do it in a way that I am not going to be able to stick with for the rest of my life!! I enjoy the taste of various foods, and I love to try new foods, maybe a recipe that someone has tried for the first time, or whatever. I ENJOY FOOD!!! If I can't do a diet that will let me enjoy "normal" foods at times, I won't be able to stick to it.
So, basically, what my husband and I have decided is that we are going to cut back on our proportions, stick to the diet of what he is allowed to have, for the most part, due to his diabetes. I say for the most part because he is not allowed some fruits and veggies that I love, so I will enjoy them at times, just not too often. And, we have decided to get a treadmill, since we know that realistically, neither of us is going to start or continue a walking program outside of home. We found a perfect treadmill at Academy with a weight capacity of 350#, all the others were 250, which we know Gerald cannot get on!
My intention is that when we get this treadmill, and it may be a while because we have to save up for it, all $400! But, I am going to probably have to sacrifice one of my storage solutions I have in the living room so that we can put the treadmill in the living room. My theory is that if we can get on it and get going while watching a television program, before we know it we will have walked for an hour or so! If we do this and watch our snacking and eat more healthy foods than junk, we should do okay! I know the weight is not just going to fall off, but it didn't just fall on either, so it is going to take a while.
My hope is that by working on a treadmill, I will not only loose weight, but help my back in the process, at least that's what my prayer is.
Another of my focus' right now, is in completing an album for a young couple who just lost their tiny son born with anencephaly. I want to present them with an album within the next month, beginning with some pregnancy pictures and incorporating her blog posts into the album. It is my prayer that this will be an album that they can go to frequently and be reminded of all the good things that have happened because of that little boys very short life. He has touched so many lives, especially of people who have never met the family, or anyone close to the family, but they feel like family. These are Facebook family, blogger families, and other general prayer warriors. People we will never be able to thank properly for all they have done, even if it was simply saying a small prayer at some point specifically for any member of this family. I am hopeful that I will get some help from some of my Stampin' Up! sisters to complete this album and that the photographers present at baby Thomas' birth will be willing to share their photos with me so that I may create the best album possible, by letting God lead me all the way to completion of this very special album. So please pray for me, and if you know the Bush family and want to help in some way, there are several ways to help. There is going to be an auction beginning tomorrow, Thursday, on Facebook, or you can send a donation to the hospital. Just be sure if you choose that to make sure it goes to the renovation of the NICU at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital and is in the name of Thomas James Paul Bush.
I have another way that you can help which I have already mentioned. If you are a scrapbooker, or cardmaker, you know what all goes into making an album, especially one that needs to be as special as this one. If you wish to help with this, I am creating a 12x12 album of baby Thomas and his family, beginning with pregnancy pictures of Holly and continuing through the birth of Thomas and perhaps including some funeral photos.
Ways you can help include: create a layout, preferably two page, but not required!
Create page elements than can be put on a 12x12 album page.
If you do everything in 6x6, that's fine too. If you can make them in such a way that they will fit together as a 12x12 page! I will probably be seeking suggestions of moments to be sure to include, or there is always the monetary donation. If you decide to make a monetary donation, please specify if this donation is to go to the hospital renovation fund in Thomas' name, or how you want it used.
Let's all pull together for this young family who mostly need our prayers now. Just please keep lifting them up in your prayers, as well as those who are staying by their side and helping them in that way. Don't forget prayers for the grandparents of this precious angel. As a grandparent, I can tell you, I have witnessed what the power of prayer can do. Don't be afraid to us it. Just include anyone who is assisting in the care of baby Thomas' family in your daily prayers.
With all of that said, I will be posting pics of some of my layouts at some time today, I hope!!! When you have to deal with the kind of back pain I have had for the past week almost, and I haven't been able to do most of the things I have wanted to do, but I plan on trying!
If you are still reading, bless your heart!! I know I get long winded at times, but it is usually about things I feel strongly about!
Have a great day and I hope to post at least a few layouts so you all don't think I am just claiming to be a scrapper!! LOL
God bless you each and every one.
Always remember: "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" Phil 4:13

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I know SU is full of caring demo's, prove it to me. I challenge you to help me with this project!! I never knew an SU demo that could resist a challenge!! If you need more info, you can look on my other entries, or message me and I will be glad to give you further info. PLEASE HELP!!
Come on ladies! I know there are more of you out there that care about other people and want to help but dont know where to start. Just ask. The only dumb question is the one not asked. Please, all my SU sisters, lets do this. We basically have about two weeks, we can do this!!! Step up and remember +1.
Help me help make this families memories of their precious son, special by putting them in a wonderful album. I am making a 12x12 album, but if you prefer to do 6x6, you can basically do a 12x12 page, just in 6x6 pieces, kind of like a puzzle! PLEASE HELP!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Personal goals

I have set myself some personal goals in the hopes of improving my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I decided this make-over was desperately needed because I am not feeling well, I have these back problems that I know are related to my weight. I am just miserable! So, after talking to some friends and fellow church members about the diet program they are on, and seeing their results, I have decided to go with the HCG diet. This weight loss will, of course, help to improve my physical health, but I think it will also help to improve my mental health as well. If I can actually start to lose weight, feel better physically, I will be able to return to some things that I enjoy, hopefully with less back pain, and all of this I believe will help with my mental health as well.
My spiritual health can only be improved by increasing/creating a quiet time for Bible study, prayer, and Bible reading. I also will be able to sing praises to my Lord! I love to sing though I don't do it very well, at least that is my opinion. I a determined to have this quiet time, even if I have to get in my car and drive down the road and sit for a while! I have to find a way to have my quiet time, especially for prayer. It is difficult to have the time I need when we have guests staying with us, but I would not change the fact that they are with us. I love my son and his family and I want to help them in any way that I can.
Hopefully, through all of this, I will actually be able to get back into doing what I love, which is working on projects in my scrap room. I doubt I make it in there today since I didn't sleep well last night at all, as well as the night before. I did not sleep at all that night!!! So, today is definitely going to be a nap day! And that nap will probably come pretty soon.
I hope all of you will pray for me as I begin this journey of weight loss. I weigh more now than I did when I gave birth to my twins!! That is miserable! So, all prayers for success will be greatly appreciated. I am going to keep a ticker going as a method of accountability. I am also going to look for one to keep me accountable for my Bible reading.
I know today's entry has nothing to do with scrapping or card making, but it does have a lot to do with my being able, physically and mentally, to work on my projects!
I am excited about these positive changes I am making in my life. I just hope I get the support from my family, friends, and my extended family here online!
Again, I thank you for your support and prayers. Keep them coming, please!

Weight Loss Center is your best free resource for weight loss

Friday, March 11, 2011

Playing catch up!!

Today is going to be a great day! God has given us a beautiful day, and I plan to spend it catching up with my blog followers, make some cards, and work on some scrapbooking!!! I also need to take some pictures of some of my layouts I have already done and get them posted for potential customers to view. I need to get an order ready for Stampin' Up! I need to start getting things ready for a retreat I'm going on next week, where I hope I can book some workshops, and/or get some good sales!!! That would be awesome!! I am going to offer some make and takes, simple ones. But I am also going to have some more difficult projects to display. I have another fellow demo that lives locally and I may see if she will let me borrow some stamps since my supply is very limited since I haven't been at this very long!! At least that's the plan. We'll see if it goes that way!
The technician is supposed to be here today to repair my computer so I won't have to continue working on a borrowed computer!
I need to do some Easter cards, Mother's Day cards, and then maybe just some general cards. I'm not too sure about that just yet.
Wish me luck!! That's a long list, but I can work on all of it through the weekend as well!!
Have a wonderful, blessed day everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whoa, Despair, and Agony on Me!!!

Please post a response if you remember where that title came from!! LOL, I won't tell our ages!
That title is so appropriate for my life the past few weeks, sometimes I think for the last few months!!! It seems like just about the time I get one thing going right, two more decide to go wrong!!! So, you know what I did? I just quit trying to make things right. Yep, sure did!!! I gave it to God to take care of for me! I have full faith in my savior to handle anything that this evil world and/or satan can send my way!!!
My most recent ailments have included a couple more procedures on my back, low back with very little pain relief. In fact, the last one, two weeks ago, I thought I was going paralyzed in my left leg!! I think maybe the Doc might have grazed a nerve or something. It is better now, but not 100% yet. As if that wasn't enough to aggravate someone, well my computer decided to go on a vacation. It didn't actually leave, it just decided it wanted some new parts!! So, I am presently on a borrowed computer just to be able to try to catch up with some things!! Over 200+ emails takes just a little bit of time to go through!! Fortunately, most of them were from Stampin Connection, so I could follow them pretty easy.
I am in the process of changing my email address from a "high speed internet service" NOT, to my verizon wireless. So, I have to keep a check on the old email address and probably spend a good portion of the later part of this week emailing those that send me things to that address, and I actually want to hear from, my new address!!
Not only is my computer getting some new parts, it's apparently a pretty decent job that it has to have done! A new motherboard, new harddrive, and a new electrical adapter! Not many parts left in there!! So, I am pretty close to having a new computer!! And I had just put my Stampin' Up! Decor decal on the top of it too!! I know one technician that better not scratch it!! LOL
I had promised you all some cards this week. Well, as I'm sure you have figured out, that didn't happen. I have a couple made and I hope to get a chance to photo them and get them ready so I can upload them as soon as my computer is back up and going. ALSO, and this is a REAL biggy, I discovered that my external hard drive, that I have ALL of my pictures saved to, is fried!! YEP, that's what I said!! I don't know why, but I know something isn't right because when I plug it in, you can smell wires burning or something like that. I have a friend that I am going to see if maybe he can pull the pictures off of it. If not, I don't know what I will do. I can't afford to pay someone to do that right now! Every spare dime I come up with goes right back into my business!! And there haven't been too many spares lately!! I don't know what a pro would charge to do this for me, but I bet it is way more than a case of beer!!! LOL Gotta love them Texas boys! They will do practically ANYTHING for a case of beer!
Just in case I don't get to get any additional cards made and photo'd this week, I will probably put up some layouts that I have done in the past and hopefully you will enjoy looking at them. Actually, I think I WILL get in there and make some simple cards.
I also want to make plans for a couple of swaps that I want to host. I hope to have a very high participation!! As well as, I am pulling ideas together for a church craft day, which will lead up to, in a few months, a bazarre or something of that sort. A good old fashioned one!! Cake walk, fishing over a sheet for a five cent toy! And folks selling all their handiwork! I'm waiting now to find out about who is going to be on the committee that will set rules and rates for our new Family Life Center, so I'm thinking that is going to be a mighty fine place to hold it!!! LOL My hope is to bring together women, and men, of very different talents and show them that we all actually have something in common, a love for a beautiful, handmade item!!
I am also in the planning stages of a stamp/scrap club. I don't know if this is going to work well in the area that I live in, but I'm going to give it a good try!! I am also planning to try to reach the girl scout troops from this area and set some kind of craft class up with them!
Well, as you can see, I don't have a lot of positives working for me right now, so I would surely appreciate your prayers!!
I promise to get some pics up, as soon as I am back on my own computer!!!
Until next time ladies!!
Happy Stampin'!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to make some cards!!!

I don't know why I always do this. I join a swap and then I wait until the last minute to get them done! I know why this time, I have been waiting and trying to get some of my stock built up so that I could actually do some nice cards. I think I am going to have to back out of this one that I have hanging over my head right now. I have already backed out of another until next month anyway. I really need to focus on getting my stamp collection built up, as well as my paper and other items. I just don't feel like I can make quality cards with the limited stock I have right now! I have received some really nice cards from some lovely ladies, thank you Letricia and Mary! Trying to get going with something like this, Stampin' Up!, can be so intimidating sometimes. I want to make my cards as beautiful as others, and I know I can, IF I have all the tools and card stock colors, as well as a variety of patterned paper! So, I just have to get my stock built up. I think I need to go place an order!! Happy Stamping every one! Hopefully, my next entry will include some photos of some cards I have made!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where's my MOJO???

Ok, this is getting just plain silly now. Every day I go into my scraproom with the intention of working. Well, I do get some work done, a little, but it's not the kind of work I need and prefer to be doing!! I go in there and start straightening things or moving things around and never make it to work on any projects!! This is CRAZY!!! So, I have promised myself that tomorrow is crafting day. Even if I do get sidetracked and start straightening something up, I am going to be crafting! I have a couple of swaps I need to get done so I can get them sent in on time, and I need to get some samples made up! I need them so that I can photograph them and put the pics up on here for you all to see!! If I don't hurry up and get some projects up for you all to see, you are going to start thinking that I am just telling you I love to scrap and make cards and such!! You can be honest and say you already are! LOL
There has been so much turmoil going on in our lives over the past few months that I have not actually crafted in such a long time!! But, tomorrow, it will happen.
I also have so much stuff to go through to see what I want to keep and what I am going to get rid of so I can make room for my Stampin' Up! stuff! I have more due in the next couple days and no where to put it!!. So, if you don't see me online for a couple days, that will be why. I have FINALLY gotten lost in my scraproom! I guess I could post some pics of my room so you can see what I have been dealing with for the past week or so!! It's driving me crazier than I already am!! I want it neat and clean, with everything where I can find it easily and so I know what I have! Now there's a concept! To know what I actually have! Hmmmmm......interesting. That might just make a difference!!! Gotta work on that.
Hopefully I will get enough done so that I feel comfortable checking back in with you tomorrow. But if you don't hear from me, give me a few days before you send in the Calvary! I may be lost in my projects, hopefully!!
Talk to you soon! Happy scrappin' and stampin'!!
Ms. J

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something Special

I am a scrapbooker because I love scrapbooking. I previously worked for UTMB as an LVN at GiB Lewis prison in Woodville. Now, I have the pleasure of designing and selling scrapbook albums for people who want scrapbooks of their special memories, but either just don't have the desire, or don't have time to scrapbook for themselves. This is a really cool thing. With each page, even tho you may not have a really good grasp of what is going, you put pen, scissors, embosser, ink, glitter, etc., to paper and create what is hopefully a beautiful album for them to enjoy for years, and generations to come.
As I prepare to start working on this album for the young couple who are expecting their second child, another son, very soon. Problem is this precious child God has an anomaly that is going to prevent him from living long after birth. His mother doesn't scrapbook and told me that she just didn't have a desire to sit for hours at a time thinking of all the information that she wants to preserve. I am making her that album instead.
How do you go about creating such an album? I want every page to be absolutely perfect for them, especially since this is going to be one of the only things they will have to hold the memories of their little guy. I know there won't be many actual pictures, only ultrasound pictures, and the occasional pic of  the small family as they prepare for the birth, and death, of their son. Of course I want this album to be perfect for them. I am anxious to get started, and honestly starting to run out of time, so I am about to get really busy!!! For me, that is a good thing. But, how do you prepare an album like this? I want it to be perfect and honor the very short life of this tiny child of God. Well, I will be putting a lot of ultrasound pictures and hopefully the occasional picture of the small family playing a game or working on a puzzle together with heavy hearts about this whole situation. I pray that I am able to produce an album worthy of holding this small childs photos, and an album that his parents will want to go to frequently to view the photos of their baby and feel good about what they have and how it all looks. Please pray for me as I jump into this project head first. I pray that I produce an album they are very proud to share, and that brings them some happiness and a sense of peace, knowing that God has called me to do this. I am very excited, yet saddened, to get past the first page of the album. Usually, my pride gets in the way and I end up producing something that will honor this babys' short time on earth. I feel honored that God has the confidence in me to allow me to do this for this young family.
Honestly, I am a little excited too and I just don't have the confidence in myself to produce something worthy of the love this family has. Not just for each other and their children. The love the Lord as well. That is what is going to make creating this album fun.
I would appreciate any and all prayers as I work on this very special album, if I can find one that satisfies me online that is!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Workshop!!!!

Ok, getting down to the wire now. My first workshop is this Thursday and I am really excited!!! I just have to decide on a definite project, get my project kits together, order some supplies on a rush order, get more samples done, figure out what project I want to demo to whet their appetites for more, and I'm sure there's more to do to get ready, but right now I'm not sure what!!
I am so grateful that a very dear friend of mine is hosting this workshop for me. I don't expect there to be more than 4-5 people there, which is good for a first time. I just want to make a good impression and book more workshops, at least one, from this one. I feel if I can do that, and get my hostess some free goodies, then I will have held a successful workshop! I do know one thing for sure. I am putting it all in God's hands. I am asking Him for guidance as to the project we will complete, and for the samples I will display. I also am asking for His guidance regarding my second demo to show. I know with God's help, I will be successful. I strongly feel this is a path that God is sending me on, that's why I want to do well at it. So that I may give God all the glory for any success I may have.
I also have to get together with another hostess this week and pin down a date for her workshop. She says she is probably going to have a decent sized group because everyone she works with, at a Dr. office, is interested in SU!!! So, of course I am anxious to get this workshop scheduled and prepared!!!
Wish me well all and I will be sure to post examples of our projects. Now I am off to decide on items I need to order to be prepared!!
Good night and God Bless you all!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Preparing for a workshop

Since I am a newbie to Stampin' Up! and have had very little opportunity, until now, to make many purchases from SU, I find myself having to decide what projects I am going to make at upcoming workshops and order the supplies. I have supplies to make some display items so I'm not worried about that. I need stock for projects for my customers! So, I am currently in the process of narrowing down what project I want to make and choosing the items I need to order, all while staying within a pretty small budget!
I will let you all know how it goes!
I am still working my way down the list of followers, so if I haven't gotten to you yet, don't worry, I'll get there. I am in awe of the blogs I go to and the talent of the demo's! You ladies rock!! Keep up the good work!!
This is going to be a short post, as I am trying to get my order ready and placed early today so that hopefully I will have it back in plenty of time! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Craft Fairs/Spring Festivals

This spring, my daughter and I are going to have a booth at the Azalea Festival in Jasper and I can't tell you how excited I am about it. I don't care if I sell anything or not, just spending the time with her will be sufficient for me. I am, however, in the process of making up a BUNCH of card and envelope sets. I hope to use up at least most of the Scenic Route paper I had purchased when I decided to have myself and "online store". HA! Anyway, I am going to make those up and probably package them in sets of 5 for like $10 (?)
And, I am also working on samples of my Stampin' Up! stuff! I am so excited to be having my first workshop coming up. A wonderful friend is hosting and I sincerely hope we get lots of sales so she can get lots of free stuff!! I think for her workshop we will do two cards. Maybe an Easter card, and then a general generic card for any occasion. I am also hoping to get some explosion boxes made and possibly an album or two with premade pages so all a buyer has to do is put their pictures in place and it's done! That's a big list I know, but I think it is doable. If I can just keep myself on track and finish as many as possible each day, I should be in good shape!
I also have to figure out what kind of make and take I am going to do at the festival. I'm thinking a simple spring or thank you card. We never know what the weather is going to be like, so I may not have as many customers as I am expecting.
And I am going to be pushing Stampin' Up! and trying to get people to commit to host a workshop. I just have to think of an incentive to get them to sign up. Possibly either a free stamp set, punch, or pack of paper or ink pad.
I'm also thinking of hosting a card making day at my house. I know of a couple of people that I could invite over to use my paper to make cards and envelopes. All they would have to bring would be their paper cutter, scissors, and adhesive. Maybe a cutting mat too. Then we could spend the day making cards and getting my stuff ready for the festival and each person would leave with a stack of cards as well as a thank you for the help! I'm going to have to put out some feelers for this, see what kind of interest there is.
Well, tomorrow I plan to get (hopefully) a lot of cards made, sets of note cards, and maybe other stationary items. Not quite sure what that would be, but we'll see. Getting Crystal over here will be fun. She has her own things that she is working on, trying to have enough done so she doesn't have to take many orders. But, maybe she will be willing to come help me out for an hour or two, we'll see.
I just realized that our festival is during Sale-A-Bration. Now THERE is an incentive to make a purchase with me, place an order! For every $50 they spend they get to pick out a free stamp set! I need to make some signs about that, price signs, project signs. I think I will make my make and take for like $2.00 or maybe just 1$. I don't know yet what it's even going to be so who knows.
Well there are some of my plans for the next few weeks, so you can see I am going to be pretty busy! But I love it. Prayerfully, I will make some decent money!!
Well, everyone, if you are in the area on March 19, come by the square and see us! Don't know what we are going to call our booth yet, but we'll think of something. Hope to see you there!
Whatever I have left over, I will probably photograph and either list on Ebay or just on my blog here for purchase.
I pray you all have a blessed night and continued blessings until we speak again!
Judy/AKA Ms. J

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Sunshine!!!

I'm sitting here at my dining table, looking out the front door at the glorious sunshine and out the back doors at the beauty of nature, gifts from God. If you will just take a minute and look out a window or bundle up and go outside and thank God for the beautiful gift He has given us today. I know some of you are probably digging out of knee deep snow and thinking to yourself how much you dislike me right now because I have sunshine and you don't. Well, I would trade places with you in a heartbeat!!! I love snow! Now, I don't know if I had to live in it and have snow on the ground for 5-6 months or more a year. I might not like it so much then. So, if you aren't seeing the sun today, you can still thank God for the glorious gift He has given you. Because of your climate with all the snow you get, you can grow certain fruits and veggies that will not grow down here in the deep south! You know God has a reason for everything, so maybe His reason for giving you all the snow is so we can have some of those scrumptious raspberries that only grow in cooler climates. Anyway, I wish we could get a little snow down here in southeast Texas. And I will be praying for relief for all of you stuck in the snow, or floods, or whatever. I pray that you soon see the beauty in the world that I am seeing now.
Ok, now as for what I am up to today. Well, I am working on some cards. I need to get several more samples done and ready before my workshop at the end of the month. I want to have a good variety of things to show the guests so I have a lot of work to do before then.
Then, I also have a couple of albums I need to be working on, so they will get some attention now and in the days to come. I am finally starting to feel like scrapping again so I am going to keep myself busy with it!
I am so thankful that God has given me the ability to create scrapbooks and cards that others may enjoy looking at or receiving. I also am very thankful that it appears He has lead me to this business, doing something I truly enjoy, working with paper, and I trust in my Lord to help me to be successful in this. He wouldn't send me to it so that I would fail.
So, I am going to work on some of the things I mentioned and when I get them finished, I will take some pictures and post them so that anyone who is interested can tell me what they think!
Remember, if you are a papercrafter, or would like to be, I'm available as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator to demonstrate items from our catalog, or to teach you different techniques. I would love to show you how easy it is to preserve your memories for future generations, or to make a card for that someone special.
I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day!!
Judy/AKA, Ms. J

Monday, January 10, 2011

Samples, samples, and more samples

Bottom line is just this, I have to get more samples done for my workshops that I have coming up. Plus I have to decide what kinds of cards we are going to make and get the supplies ordered! I am so excited about my first workshop! I want it to go really well! And I'm not just referring to sales, although, yes, I want to have a good amount of sales because this hostess deserves it!!! But mostly I am looking forward to the opportunity to fellowship with friends and show them some techniques they haven't tried, and have them leaving this show with at least one card they have made and possibly a kit to make a second! I want to have lots of samples to show, some really simple, and some in the difficult stage. I hope I can get some committment to a monthly club! That reminds me, I need to make up a sign up sheet for the club. AND, I need to make plans for an open house!!!
I have an excellent location, provided it's not in use on the day I choose. My main concern is advertising. I can't afford to spend much on advertising, so I'm thinking about putting flyers out at a couple of businesses that I know won't mind, as well as asking all of our local photographers, to come and see what I have to offer, as well as recommending to their customers to come by!
Any of you that have had open houses in the past, I am ready for any suggestions you may have. I was thinking of having one or possibly two simple make and takes that look like they were a lot more work than they actually will be. And, I will have samples on display with prices listed and take orders for them, or possibly sell the ones I have on display. I would really rather not do that though, because if I sell one of my examples early, then those who come later won't have the chance to see it!
I also want to have a door prize, at least one! Please, give me any suggestions you may have about that. What should I give as maybe hourly door prizes (maybe a 3D project?) and then a grand prize at the end of the day. Question is, what should I give as a grand prize?
Since I am just getting started, my supply of Stampin' Up! inventory is pretty much non-existant, with the exception of my starter kit. I was kind of thinking of the grand prize being a small tote with lots of little goodies in it such as stickers, maybe some paper, bling. Things such as that will come out of my personal stash of stuff and help me to reduce my non-SU items. Although I will also include SU items, just not sure what as of  now. Suggestions PLEASE.
I pray you all have a wonderful, stamp-happy day tomorrow and stay warm!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scheduling, planning, praying

Well, I have met with one of my hostess' and have everything in motion for her workshop. Hopefully she will get people to commit and actually come, and buy things!! lol... I am also making plans to meet with another hostess this week and contact a third hostess to set up a time to meet with her!! So, right now, I am doing good with setting up my workshops.
The planning I am doing is for an advertisement to go in the back of our church cookbook! I have to plan how I want my ad to appear, along with my daughter planning hers for her business! I think we can come up with a really good ad and prayerfully get more customers that way. We are also making plans for our towns spring Azalea festival. We plan to have a booth there and I will be doing simple make and takes, displaying lots of other potential projects. I will have a catalog or two available for purchase or for someone to glance over. I plan to make some flyers of our current promotions and sales at that time to offer to potential customers. Again, I am praying to get several workshops scheduled from this event!!
And then I say praying. I am really praying that my business goes the way God wants it to. I believe as long as I am following his guidance and will for my life, if He wants me to be successful with Stampin' Up!, it will happen. I feel that God lead me to this, for what reason I don't know except that I love stamping and scrapbooking and an opportunity became available for me to do these things I love and make a little money as well with it.
With that being said, I have to work on getting lots of sample projects and cards made up. We aren't sure when the festival is going to be just yet, either March or April. Either way, I need LOTS of samples to show!! So, I have to get busy!!!
Happy Scrappin' and Stampin' everybody!! Stay warm and dry!!!
Ms J.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting my new business off the ground!!!

Well hello everyone! I hope you are staying warm and dry wherever you are! I think we are forecast to be very cold and wet next week!! What could be a better time to stay in the craft room and get some samples and kits together?
I have my first workshop coming up on the 27th and my hostess is as excited as I am about it!! Now if we can just get some guests to come and make purchases so she can get some free stuff, that would be great!!!
Then I have another workshop on the 29th! I will be meeting with that hostess tomorrow to give her the info she needs and talk about what kind of projects she wants to do in her workshop.
I like to give my hostesses a choice of doing a card or scrapbook page. This gives them some control of the workshop and they enjoy knowing what they are going to be doing!
I do believe God has sent me down this path of becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I have been praying for something that I could do basically from home, I could control the hours I work so if I don't feel well, a workshop can always be rescheduled if needed. I am looking so forward to my first workshop and getting off the ground and start running with it! I would love to be one of the Rising Stars next year and get to go to the Founder's Circle, all expense paid trip!! Talk about AWESOME!!!
So, now you know one of my goals for the coming year. I don't like to do the whole resolution thing. First of all, I never stick to it, and therefore any resolutions I make are useless! So, this year, I decided to set goals for myself of things I hope to accomplish this year. I'll share a few with you here now.
1.   I will improve my relationship with God. I plan to spend more time reading and studying His word and spending much more time in prayer. I plan to accomplish this by reading my Bible of course, but also reading more study guides and other books that I believe will help me to better understand the Bible and to understand what God's plan is for me. I know God is calling me to do something, but thus far I have not been able to comprehend what that is. So, that is something else I will accomplish, hopefully before the end of the first quarter, is to understand what God is asking me to do, and start doing just that.
2.   I will have a successful business with Stampin' Up!. I will be booking workshops regularly. I will get a stampin' club started. I will host an open house sometime during Sale-A-Bration!! To accomplish this, I have to keep myself and the information about my being a Stampin' Up! demo in front of potential customers! I plan to offer membership in a monthly club to all my hostesses and their guests, as well as anyone else I know that loves any form of paper crafting. If I can get all the numbers to work out, I won't have to worry about my quarterly minimums! This will help me reach my goal towards winning possibly a Rising Star award! I would LOVE that!!! I plan to work very hard toward that goal! Of course I am starting with people I know as hostesses, but I plan to expand that fairly quickly and step out of my "comfort zone."
3.  I will get enough stock in and samples made up to share a booth with my daughter at both the Azalea festival and the Fall Fest. I plan to be able to possibly book numerous workshops on that day as well as talk to at least 5-10 people about becoming demonstrators themselves! Oh, how cool it will be to have my own downline!!!
4.  I will be a better person. I will not let little, silly things bother me. I will do my best to handle any and all situations in a Christian manner. I read today, that whenever something seems to be going wrong, you need to express "I trust you Jesus". So every day, I plan to start my day with that statement, and mean it! I do trust Jesus to lead me on the path to success, spiritual success, and financial stability, and emotional relief. I trust in my Jesus!!

Well, that's all the goals I am going to share for today. Have to save something to write about another day!
Happy crafting everyone!

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 4, 2011 Book-a-thon!!!

Tomorrow, Jan. 4th, 2011, Stampin' Up! is having a contest of sorts for new demonstrators. We have been challenged to get 1000 workshops booked, not for one person but the whole group! WHEW!!! I have put the word out to a few of my friends in hopes that they will decide to book a show, especially since I am giving them a couple of weeks, until SAB, to actually have the show! I am about to send out a notice to some others that I think might be interested and hopefully, I will get at least 2-3 workshops booked tomorrow. I would LOVE to get about 5 or more scheduled! That would really be exciting!!!
If you are reading this and you are in the Southeast Texas or Southwest Louisiana areas, email me at, call or text me at 409-382-2775, or message me on my Stampin' Up! site or on this blog, Yes, the names are very familiar except one has dots and the other has dashes to separate the words.
Please pray that I am able to get these shows booked! I am very excited about doing workshops and anxious to get started. I haven't really done much since signing up because of the holidays and my being ill. I am getting better now and ready to get busy!
I have to review my catalogs and place an order so I will have materials for my workshops, so I would really like to know how many I am going to be able to get booked tomorrow!
And to my fellow class of 2010 demo's, I wish you all the very best as you get workshops booked and completed. It is my sincere prayer for you that all your endeavors for the year of 2011 be successful! I'm just a newbie as well, but if I can be of help please let me know! And be prepared, I may be calling on some of you for assistance or ideas!!
Stampin' Up! is AWESOME!!!! I love it!!!
Have a great day and God Bless you all!
Judy/aka, MsJs

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh start in 2011

As I look forward to 2011, I know there are lots of things I want to change. Primarily is going to be my attitude. I have had problems this past year and further back with a pretty negative attitude, not any more. I am going to have God guiding me and I don't think God will allow me a negative attitude. God is going to guide me to bigger and better things in 2011.
My Stampin' Up! business is going to grow by leaps and bounds and I am going to be working very hard to see that happen. I am going to continue to offer scrapbooking services and providing my customers with superb customer service.
With God's help, I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!

Starter kit card

Well, I finally made myself sit down and make a card for the starter kit contest. It is a very simple card and not exactly what I was wanting to make, but it was all I felt like doing yesterday. Thank goodness I am feeling a little better today. Maybe I can get in there and make some cards today! I sure hope so!