Monday, February 14, 2011

Where's my MOJO???

Ok, this is getting just plain silly now. Every day I go into my scraproom with the intention of working. Well, I do get some work done, a little, but it's not the kind of work I need and prefer to be doing!! I go in there and start straightening things or moving things around and never make it to work on any projects!! This is CRAZY!!! So, I have promised myself that tomorrow is crafting day. Even if I do get sidetracked and start straightening something up, I am going to be crafting! I have a couple of swaps I need to get done so I can get them sent in on time, and I need to get some samples made up! I need them so that I can photograph them and put the pics up on here for you all to see!! If I don't hurry up and get some projects up for you all to see, you are going to start thinking that I am just telling you I love to scrap and make cards and such!! You can be honest and say you already are! LOL
There has been so much turmoil going on in our lives over the past few months that I have not actually crafted in such a long time!! But, tomorrow, it will happen.
I also have so much stuff to go through to see what I want to keep and what I am going to get rid of so I can make room for my Stampin' Up! stuff! I have more due in the next couple days and no where to put it!!. So, if you don't see me online for a couple days, that will be why. I have FINALLY gotten lost in my scraproom! I guess I could post some pics of my room so you can see what I have been dealing with for the past week or so!! It's driving me crazier than I already am!! I want it neat and clean, with everything where I can find it easily and so I know what I have! Now there's a concept! To know what I actually have! Hmmmmm......interesting. That might just make a difference!!! Gotta work on that.
Hopefully I will get enough done so that I feel comfortable checking back in with you tomorrow. But if you don't hear from me, give me a few days before you send in the Calvary! I may be lost in my projects, hopefully!!
Talk to you soon! Happy scrappin' and stampin'!!
Ms. J

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