Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Challenge with a Twist

OK Ladies! Are you ready for some FUN??? Let's start with a challenge, and the best part of this challenge, you don't have to mail anything to anyone!!! This way you can make whatever size layout you want, use whatever embellishements you like the most, etc., because you are making yourself a page, or two!!
OK, so here is the challenge. Layout MUST involve an OUTDOOR activity that you and your family, or friends have done THIS year!! You must include at least 2 photos, if a single page layout, or 4 pics minimum if you are doing a double layout. YOU MUST BE IN AT LEAST ONE OF THE PICS!!! So often we are the photogs and never get to be in the pic!!
Colors: you must include the following colors in your layout: blue, brown, orange, yellow, red. You must use one flower (any color or size), brads (any color) and vellum. I think that is enough for my first challenge.
Once your layout is complete, upload a good, clear pic of it as well as materials used. A winner will be picked either a single grand prize winner, or a winner in each category. Please include in the title of our layout, somewhere, the words 253 challenge. That will help me find your challenges.
You will have until July 31 to complete and photograph your layout/s. Once we have all the layouts, either myself, or myself and another admin will judge  your layouts on creativity, best use of theme, best use of colors, best use of embellies. I think we will have a grand prize winner, as well as a winner in each category. What do you all think?? This will be my first challenge to host here on FLS and I don't want to overdo it! I love challenges by the way!!
Judy Hall, Stampin' Up! Associate

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