Friday, March 11, 2011

Playing catch up!!

Today is going to be a great day! God has given us a beautiful day, and I plan to spend it catching up with my blog followers, make some cards, and work on some scrapbooking!!! I also need to take some pictures of some of my layouts I have already done and get them posted for potential customers to view. I need to get an order ready for Stampin' Up! I need to start getting things ready for a retreat I'm going on next week, where I hope I can book some workshops, and/or get some good sales!!! That would be awesome!! I am going to offer some make and takes, simple ones. But I am also going to have some more difficult projects to display. I have another fellow demo that lives locally and I may see if she will let me borrow some stamps since my supply is very limited since I haven't been at this very long!! At least that's the plan. We'll see if it goes that way!
The technician is supposed to be here today to repair my computer so I won't have to continue working on a borrowed computer!
I need to do some Easter cards, Mother's Day cards, and then maybe just some general cards. I'm not too sure about that just yet.
Wish me luck!! That's a long list, but I can work on all of it through the weekend as well!!
Have a wonderful, blessed day everyone!


  1. Oh, I sooo hear ya on playin' catch up!! I feel like I'm always trying to do that! lol Hope things settle down for you soon and you can find time to relax & create. :)

    ((Stampin' Hugs))

  2. I am here to wish you luck on getting it all done. I seem to be behind all the time too. It happens to all of us. You have a great day and enjoy it!

  3. I wish you The best of the luck with all the projects. Will be praying for you and your goals!!

  4. Well, didn't get much done today, except,I DID GET MY COMPUTER BACK UP!!! YAY!!! So, my plan is to spend the majority of the weekend making some card samples and deciding on what kinds of make and takes I want to do at this retreat I am going on. I want to peak people's interest, but I don't want to overwhelm them either. Nor do I want to seem pushy. I do plan to have at least 2-4 make and takes for anyone that is interested, and I am considering offering a little more difficult project, at a price of course, just can't decide which one. I'm stuck between a slider card and an explosion box. I'm leaning toward the slider card since I don't have any stock of any type built up just yet. In fact I am going to try to reach a fellow SU demo here in my area to see if she might let me borrow some of her stamps! Wish me luck and lots of prayers as I try to get things ready for this retreat. It feels to me like it could possible be a make me, or break me kind of deal.

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