Monday, January 10, 2011

Samples, samples, and more samples

Bottom line is just this, I have to get more samples done for my workshops that I have coming up. Plus I have to decide what kinds of cards we are going to make and get the supplies ordered! I am so excited about my first workshop! I want it to go really well! And I'm not just referring to sales, although, yes, I want to have a good amount of sales because this hostess deserves it!!! But mostly I am looking forward to the opportunity to fellowship with friends and show them some techniques they haven't tried, and have them leaving this show with at least one card they have made and possibly a kit to make a second! I want to have lots of samples to show, some really simple, and some in the difficult stage. I hope I can get some committment to a monthly club! That reminds me, I need to make up a sign up sheet for the club. AND, I need to make plans for an open house!!!
I have an excellent location, provided it's not in use on the day I choose. My main concern is advertising. I can't afford to spend much on advertising, so I'm thinking about putting flyers out at a couple of businesses that I know won't mind, as well as asking all of our local photographers, to come and see what I have to offer, as well as recommending to their customers to come by!
Any of you that have had open houses in the past, I am ready for any suggestions you may have. I was thinking of having one or possibly two simple make and takes that look like they were a lot more work than they actually will be. And, I will have samples on display with prices listed and take orders for them, or possibly sell the ones I have on display. I would really rather not do that though, because if I sell one of my examples early, then those who come later won't have the chance to see it!
I also want to have a door prize, at least one! Please, give me any suggestions you may have about that. What should I give as maybe hourly door prizes (maybe a 3D project?) and then a grand prize at the end of the day. Question is, what should I give as a grand prize?
Since I am just getting started, my supply of Stampin' Up! inventory is pretty much non-existant, with the exception of my starter kit. I was kind of thinking of the grand prize being a small tote with lots of little goodies in it such as stickers, maybe some paper, bling. Things such as that will come out of my personal stash of stuff and help me to reduce my non-SU items. Although I will also include SU items, just not sure what as of  now. Suggestions PLEASE.
I pray you all have a wonderful, stamp-happy day tomorrow and stay warm!!!!

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