Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting my new business off the ground!!!

Well hello everyone! I hope you are staying warm and dry wherever you are! I think we are forecast to be very cold and wet next week!! What could be a better time to stay in the craft room and get some samples and kits together?
I have my first workshop coming up on the 27th and my hostess is as excited as I am about it!! Now if we can just get some guests to come and make purchases so she can get some free stuff, that would be great!!!
Then I have another workshop on the 29th! I will be meeting with that hostess tomorrow to give her the info she needs and talk about what kind of projects she wants to do in her workshop.
I like to give my hostesses a choice of doing a card or scrapbook page. This gives them some control of the workshop and they enjoy knowing what they are going to be doing!
I do believe God has sent me down this path of becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I have been praying for something that I could do basically from home, I could control the hours I work so if I don't feel well, a workshop can always be rescheduled if needed. I am looking so forward to my first workshop and getting off the ground and start running with it! I would love to be one of the Rising Stars next year and get to go to the Founder's Circle, all expense paid trip!! Talk about AWESOME!!!
So, now you know one of my goals for the coming year. I don't like to do the whole resolution thing. First of all, I never stick to it, and therefore any resolutions I make are useless! So, this year, I decided to set goals for myself of things I hope to accomplish this year. I'll share a few with you here now.
1.   I will improve my relationship with God. I plan to spend more time reading and studying His word and spending much more time in prayer. I plan to accomplish this by reading my Bible of course, but also reading more study guides and other books that I believe will help me to better understand the Bible and to understand what God's plan is for me. I know God is calling me to do something, but thus far I have not been able to comprehend what that is. So, that is something else I will accomplish, hopefully before the end of the first quarter, is to understand what God is asking me to do, and start doing just that.
2.   I will have a successful business with Stampin' Up!. I will be booking workshops regularly. I will get a stampin' club started. I will host an open house sometime during Sale-A-Bration!! To accomplish this, I have to keep myself and the information about my being a Stampin' Up! demo in front of potential customers! I plan to offer membership in a monthly club to all my hostesses and their guests, as well as anyone else I know that loves any form of paper crafting. If I can get all the numbers to work out, I won't have to worry about my quarterly minimums! This will help me reach my goal towards winning possibly a Rising Star award! I would LOVE that!!! I plan to work very hard toward that goal! Of course I am starting with people I know as hostesses, but I plan to expand that fairly quickly and step out of my "comfort zone."
3.  I will get enough stock in and samples made up to share a booth with my daughter at both the Azalea festival and the Fall Fest. I plan to be able to possibly book numerous workshops on that day as well as talk to at least 5-10 people about becoming demonstrators themselves! Oh, how cool it will be to have my own downline!!!
4.  I will be a better person. I will not let little, silly things bother me. I will do my best to handle any and all situations in a Christian manner. I read today, that whenever something seems to be going wrong, you need to express "I trust you Jesus". So every day, I plan to start my day with that statement, and mean it! I do trust Jesus to lead me on the path to success, spiritual success, and financial stability, and emotional relief. I trust in my Jesus!!

Well, that's all the goals I am going to share for today. Have to save something to write about another day!
Happy crafting everyone!

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