Monday, June 13, 2011


I believe my absolute favorite technique would have to be inking. I just love the look when you crumple paper and then ink just the peaks (as seen in the Police Line layout). I also love to ink the edges of torn paper, chip board embellishments, and title blocks. Inking the edges helps draw the eye to that portion of the layout and makes a wonderful accent! It is also so easy to do, and I am all about anything easy!
Inking can easily be done on just about anything you want to add a little color to, or help something stand out. All you have to do is choose what you want inked, choose an ink color that contrasts with the color of the paper you are inking for a really good 'pop'! Or you also have the option of choosing a color that coordinates nicely with the paper or item to be inked, which will also help an item to stand out on your page, but in a more subtle way!
Once you have the paper and coordinating or contrasting ink pad chosen, then you just decide what you want to ink and how. Are you going to do just the edges of something for this page? Or are you going to crumple your paper and then ink it? And then you just easily slide the ink pad across the locations you want highlighted! See! I told you it was easy!
Take some scraps of paper that you have, and what scrapper does NOT have a stash of paper scraps, and practice inking! This is when you can play around with different colors, mixing and matching your ink to your paper, and see what combinations you like! There is no right or wrong to this, or any other technique, in my own humble opinion. If you like the result, then it is right!! That is all that counts is whether or not YOU are pleased with your work!
You can see several examples I have added to this post of the inking that I have told you about. I hope you like them and please, leave me a comment! (Please be nice! Constructive criticism is appreciated)
Now, go and play with your ink and papers, create a project or page, and post a picture! I would love to see your work!

PS: I also like to use my ink pads, usually the bigger ones, and ink flowers to the exact color that I need to coordinate with the rest of my layout! Sometimes you just can't find the color you want, so by inking a white flower, or even a very pale flower of some other color, you get just the color you want! Try it out!! Most importantly, have fun!
And please, share your work and ideas!!

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