Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back in the Saddle!! (I'm finally Scrappin' again!!)

For several reasons, I have not been doing very much scrapbooking lately, but, thankfully that is changing now! Even though I have very limited space right now in my room, and I have to search to find something I am looking for, I am determined to get in there and be productive! I have way to many projects on my plate to be wasting time being idle!
Thankfully, I did manage to complete a few pages for one of my clients this past week, and have several others started! I also have some pages already done for my church album, and I have ideas in the works for pages for the Baby Thomas album. Then I also need to try to get time to finish my own albums and such too!
Oh, I will get them all done! It's just that normally for me, I would be in that room working every single day for several hours! Sometimes, I would spend all day and all night in there because I get on a roll and just don't want to stop! And, time gets away from me. It's funny how when you are doing something you enjoy, time seems to fly by! But, that's okay because I know I am getting back in the swing of things slowly. I have let things keep me out of there for too long now.
I am going to set myself some goals for this week, and hopefully that will give me the encouragement and motivation I need to get some things done!
My first goal is that I will complete a minimum of 6 pages per day that I am able to get in my scraproom! Doesn't sound like much I know, but if you consider that each page is typically a MINIMUM of 2 hours, you're talking about working a 12 hour day! I know some people may not understand why it takes at least 2 hours to stick some stuff to a piece of paper along with some photos! Well, the thing is, there is more to it then that. There is actually a lot of thought put into the design of each page. Once the basic design is figured out, then there is the paper selection, card stock color, any techniques I might want to use on this page, as well as any embellishments! And, of course, it never fails that somewhere along the way of actually creating the page, at least one of the ideas is going to change! So, then the products for the new idea have to be located and make sure that everything coordinates! There is a lot more to scrapbooking than a lot of people realize! But for people like me, it is all worth it!
I find my time in my scraproom relaxing, even if I am having to clean in there! Yep, that's what I can be relaxing!
Another goal I have for this week is to get my Stampin' Up! catalog marked with all the items that are retiring so that my potential customers can easily go through it and see what they might want to go ahead and buy while it is still available! There is a lot of stuff on that retiring list so this may take me a while!
Goal number 3 is also going to involve Stampin' Up! in that I want to obtain orders from at least two people this week. I have one customer that I KNOW wants to buy some things, so I have half of this battle beaten already! I just have to locate my second customer for this week! Much easier said than done with our economy the way it is right now.
My 4th and final goal for this week, as far as my scrapping goes, is to post an entry to this blog at least two more times before next Sunday. I plan to have these posts include some photos of previous layouts I have done. I can't take any pictures of my latest work because I have one camera missing, and my other digital camera is not working! So, I guess I could add camera shopping to my goals for this week, but I won't have the funds just yet so I don't think I will get in any big hurry about that!
I hope if you are following this blog that you will leave me some encouraging comments to help motivate me to reach my goals. Everyone likes to have some encouraging words sent their way from time to time, right? So, please feel free to comment away, and share this blog with any of your friends that you think might be interested in talking about scrapbooking!

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